Centrali MxPro 5

MxPro 5 -Integrated Peripheral Bus

Il Bus integrato in ogni centrale MxPro 5 permette di espandere , con una ampia gamma di schede, le funzionalità della centrale.

Ogni scheda di espansione offre ampissime possibilità di configurazione permettendo di ottenere un impianto tagliato su misura secondo le esigenze specifiche.

The MxPro 5 panels feature an integrated peripheral bus which can take up to 32 expansion cards including relay cards, sounder cards and monitored input cards.  Further details on the peripherals can be found below.

  • 10 Way Programmable Monitored Input Card
  • 16-way Switch & 48 LED Card
  • 48 Way Input/Output Card
  • 2-Way Programmable Relay Card
  • 50 Way Network I/O Card
  • 4-Way Programmable Sounder Car
  • Ad-NeT & Ad-NeT+ Network Cards
  • BMS/Graphics Interface
  • EN54-13 Active EOL & Battery Monitoring
  • General Routing Interface
  • Key Switch Control
  • LED Indication
  • Mimic Controller
  • Modem Interface
  • On-Board Printer
  • MxPro 5 – Pager Interface
  • Peripheral Relay Card
  • Portable Printer
  • Programmable 4-Way Relay Card
  • Programmable Zone Monitor Card
  • Sounder Active EOL
  • Sounder Booster Card
  • Sounder Splitter Card

MxPro 5 - Integrated Peripheral Busdata sheet

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